Billed Annually ($180)

*Cancellation is possible at any time.

What's Included

Sheet Music Library

(Updated Weekly) Young learners can practice different arrangements of songs, to include more challenging versions.


Each lesson includes ready-to-print material for different learning objectives.

Tutorial Videos

Whether you have some experience, or are just starting out, the tutorial videos will show you how to approach each lesson step-by-step.


Every child’s attention span is different, especially for the younger learners. Lesson time is recommended to be between 10 – 30 minutes (or longer if possible).

Interactive Activities

Each activity is based on the Montessori method to allow children to learn through self-directed activity in an engaging way.


Community support group, along with teacher assistance is available. Ask questions or send in videos, and you can receive feedback on your progress.


Ages 2+ might be a great age to start introducing the instrument and some basics at home, however, depending on the level of your child’s interest, it could be a little earlier or later.

Absolutely. Regardless if you are a (Montessori School) Teacher who wants to introduce more musical concepts and the piano at a school or if you are a Piano Instructor who wants to supplement their curriculum with Montessori inspired guided lessons, then our curriculum has plenty to offer. As a Piano Instructor, you will not need to join the Facebook learning community since you already know how to play the piano yourself.

There is no musical background required for this curriculum as you will be learning while teaching the little one(s). However, we recommend you opt in to our community of learners Facebook group which includes videos and feedback from our teachers and other learners.

That is totally up to you and your schedule. This is a self-paced program and the Facebook support group is global friendly. You can re-watch the instructional videos at any time.

You will need some sort of a piano or keyboard. It doesn’t have to be a high-end model nor a full-sized keyboard, but we recommend one with weighted keys. Feel free to contact us for additional guidance. If you decide to join our community of learners, you will need a Facebook account to join the private group.
Not at all. This curriculum is Montessori inspired and designed to make learning together fun!