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Hi. I’m Deniz, but you can call me Ms. Denise. I’m a piano instructor from Germany, currently living in the United States, who’d like to share music with the world through the wonderful approach of Maria Montessori. After working with a lot of very young students, I found the most success with Montessori inspired table & piano time activities. 

Through growing interest and great feedback from parents & colleagues, I’ve become inspired to share the methods with a bigger crowd. I’m a strong believer of the absorbent mind, and believe music can be taught just as language is at an early age. Let me help you introduce the world’s universal language. I’ll be here for guidance through every step of our journey together.


You know how to play the piano and read music?

Awesome! Use our Montessori inspired curriculum to introduce your child to learning piano at home with fun developmental activities. We recommend our basic package.

You have no musical background (with little or no musical background)?

That is no problem. Teach your child how to play the piano while learning yourself. The Key’ndergarten curriculum is step by step, and easy to follow; includes images, flash card, printables, and all music sheets needed. Additionally, you’ll get access to our Facebook community group of learners where you will be able to watch our video tutorials and get feedback along your progress. We recommend our premium package to get the full access to the necessary tools to learn/teach.


Piano teacher?

Supplement your lessons with this Montessori inspired curriculum, and game activities for group/individual lessons. Key’ndergarten is not only for Montessori students. It’s also very beneficial for young students who don’t want to sit in front of a piano throughout the entire lesson. The Key’ndergarten curriculum splits up the lesson into table time which allows the students to figure out musical concepts themselves and piano time where they apply the newly learned knowledge. We recommend our basic package.

Montessori teacher (with little or no musical background)?

Add piano to your school’s program. Use the Key’ndergarten curriculum to prepare music/piano activities for your classes and focus their efforts on basic musical concepts. We recommend our premium package.

Get access to

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Music Sheets
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Activity Ideas
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Fun & Flexible Learning

What You’ll Learn & Teach

  • Orientation of the piano
  • Rhythm & Beat
  • Sight-reading music sheets
  • Composing songs
  • Music Theory
  • Fine-Motor skill improvement
  • Math & Reading concepts

Self-Paced Program

  • Teach and learn from the comfort of your home
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Toddler-friendl(Ages 3+)


  • Tutorial videos
  • Weekly updated tutorial videos
  • Community support group
  • Teacher assistance (available at any time)
  • Receive feedback on your progress

Materials Included

  • Step-by-step curriculum
  • 120+ Music sheets
  • Printables/Flashcards
  • 50+ Activity ideas
  • Constantly updated material

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